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BMW S1000RR Review

According to my local BMW motorcycle dealer, the S1000RR is flying out of the store, both figuratively and literally. Sales are very strong. The big question is, "Are you man enough for this machine?" At 193 bhp, I'm not sure that I am. Read on to hear what I have to say. I also suggest you … [Read more...]

Tom’s Toy

Classic Sport I don't think the lei was stock. It is probably an after market part. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Review

The Apple iPad is breaking new ground, and has defined a new product category, the tablet computer. However, this has been confusing for some people, primarily because it doesn't have the full functionality of a computer. If you expect the iPad to do everything your computer can do, you will be … [Read more...]

Zodiac Classic Mark 2 Inflatable Boat

The Zodiac Classic Mark 2, at 13'-9", is the largest of the Classic family of inflatable boats, but one of the smaller Zodiac boats. Zodiac boats are well known for their military and search and rescue capabilities in rough waters. They are also commonly used for scuba diving, hunting and fishing. … [Read more...]