BMW S1000RR Review

According to my local BMW motorcycle dealer, the S1000RR is flying out of the store, both figuratively and literally. Sales are very strong. The big question is, “Are you man enough for this machine?” At 193 bhp, I’m not sure that I am.

Read on to hear what I have to say. I also suggest you watch the videos on this page. I’ve scoured YouTube to find what I think are the most interesting and informative. Enjoy!

The Look

I must admit, I’d love this bike based on looks alone, regardless of how it performed. I especially like the red, white, and blue color scheme. Given that I’m a street rider, not a track guy, it seems strange that I’m so attracted to this bike. I even like the quirky asymmetrical look. Maybe that says more about me than the bike. Maybe I just like things of beauty, whether they are a BMW supersport bike, Honda street bike, or Harley cruiser.

Street Legal Superbike

If you’ve heard or read anything about the S1000RR, you probably know that it origins are found in the 2009 World Superbike Championship. It was performing on the track long before going into production. But, it wasn’t built to be ridden only by racers like Troy Corser or Ruben Xaus. I suspect that BMW hope to sell many of these bikes to weekend track riders.

If your idea of a motorcycle ride is commuting to work and back, this may not be the motorcycle for you. Although it is street legal, this bike was definitely designed to win races, and perform at the track.

Engine and Electronics

The most obvious place to start in describing this bike is its power. The 999 cc in-line four motor puts out 193 bhp at 13,000 rpm. That’s a lot of horsepower.

Fortunately, there are 4 engine maps to help riders dial in the right amount of power and responsiveness. At the low end is the rain mode. It limits the power to 150 bhp and softens the throttle response. Next up is sport mode. It provide full horsepower, but under a more controlled throttle response. Race mode provides full power, and a more sensitive throttle response. For those who dare, there is also a slick mode, designed for riding at the track with race tires. It unleashes the full power and responsiveness of the bike.

Making a powerful motorcycle was probably the easiest part for BMW. Making it rideable and controllable is where the bike shines. Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) are available as options. The DTC also provides for wheelie control. These features can’t keep an overly aggressive rider from crashing, but they can help keep on two wheels in many situations.

Chassis and Body Work

No big surprises in the chassis. A 4 piece aluminum frame provides the foundation. All around quality components such as Sachs forks and Brembo brakes makes for a high quality, high performing bike.

Where the bike is unusual is its asymmetric design, from its mismatched headlights, to its different left and right side fairing. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I think that the S1000RR design definitely makes it stand out in a crowd, in a very positive way.

For more details on the S1000RR, watch the videos on this page. Some are purely for entertainment value, but others provide some real detail about the S1000RR and its design and components.


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  1. BMW has not only excelled in producing cars but it has also marked its named in the field of bikes. And it very clear with launch of BMW S1000R bike of BMW. The bike comes with 999 cc inline four motors engine.It gives an output of 193 bp at 13000 rpm. The bike has modern stylish looks which feature is quite essential for the youngsters now a days.

  2. Just finished watching the videos and they are awesome… thanks for this great share

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