Firemint Real Racing HD Review

The Firemint Real Racing HD game is a lot of fun, especially on the larger screen Apple iPad. It has amazing graphics for a hand held game. It case you don’t have an iPad, it is also available for Apple iPod Touch and iPhone.

Very Real!

The graphics and user interaction are quite amazing. You use the iPad as the steering wheel to control the race car. This provides a very realistic driving experience. You actually see the on screen image of the steering wheel and hands move in response to your movement of the iPad. The game really shows off what can be done with the iPad built-in accelerometer. Check out this YouTube video to get a sense for the driving experience.
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Great Graphics

The HD graphics are very impressive. The high resolution tracks, with detailed car models, give the driving experience a very immersive, real-life feel. The in-car cockpit view includes an animated driver and dash, or an external camera view.
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Car Skins

The game provides a variety fo car skins that allow you to customize your race car. It is very easy to do. Simply select a photo from the photo album and it wraps around the car like a new paint job. You can even use a paint program to personalize the car skins. Export a built-in skin, edit it in a paint program such as adding your own race decals, then import it back into the game.
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Real Racing HD provides 12 different race tracks with city, forest, and desert selections.

You can also select from 5 different game modes: Career, Quick Race, Time Trial, online, and local multiplayer. Multiplayer supports up to 6 racers connected via WiFi or up to 2 players connected via Bluetooth.

If you have an iPad, or are thinking about getting an iPad, you’ve got to make this one of your first game purchases.

The Firemint Real Racing HD game is available for the Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. It can be purchased and downloaded through the Apple AppStore.

For more information see the Firemint web site:


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