Neiko Pro Torque Wrench Review

I don’t know why it took me so long to get a torque wrench. Maybe it was because I rarely use one. A few months ago I needed to make some changes to the forks on my off-road motorcycle. I decided it was time to stop screwing around with a socket wrench when a torque wrench was really needed. After all, I didn’t want my forks coming unattached from my motorcycle at an inappropriate time.

Neiko Pro Torque Wrench

Okay, I needed a torque wrench. After many Google searches, and reading many reviews, I finally decided on the Neiko Pro torque wrench. I wanted something that was relatively inexpensive, but was easy to set up and use.

The Neiko Pro is a professional grade 3/8″ drive automatic torque wrench. It is capable of torque settings from 15 to 80 ft-lbs, in 0.5 ft-lb increments. The thing I like most about the Neiko is the easy torque adjustment. The torque wrench has a lock/unlock mechanism to secure the setting while applying force. Simply unlock the rotating ring on the end of the wrench. Rotate it to the desired torque level, then push it back in to lock. It has an automatic release. You don’t need to watch a torque scale as you apply force to wrench. As you torque down a bolt, once you reach the set torque level the wrench automatically releases. The torque wrench body is engraved with both inch-pound and newton-meter force measurements. This is handy since I have both American-made and International-made metric toys.

The torque wrench comes in a heavy duty, ABS plastic storage and carrying case, with a full set of instructions.

There is no excuse for not properly torquing down your bolts.

Not Familiar with Using a Torque Wrench?

If you aren’t familiar with using a torque wrench, watch this video for a nice overview of use, care, and maintenance of your torque wrench.

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