MotionX GPS Drive Navigation for iPhone Review

Up until a few weeks ago, my idea of driving directions was printing off a Google map before going somewhere new. I’ve considered getting a navigation device before, but it never seemed worth it. I don’t need directions that often, an opinion not necessarily shared by my wife and kids. The majority of times I’ve needed directions, I’ve been traveling out-of-town in a rental car. Or, on my motorcycle exploring the back roads. It seemed like a hassle to pack a navigation device. After all, it was like admitting I was born with a defective gene or something. Now with the MotionX GPS Drive navigation application on my iPhone, I can easily get directions without bruising my ego. Even more useful is the search capability for finding restaurants, coffee shops, and other places. Read on to learn more about the MotionX GPS Drive application. Also watch the following videos to see it in action.

GPS Drive Features

The MotionX GPS Drive application provides door-to-door directions whether you are driving, walking or biking. The routing software will calculate the best route whether driving or walking. MotionX walking routes are designed specifically for pedestrians. So if you park your car several blocks away, MotionX will “walk you” to your destination. You get live over-the-air maps and routing, including 3D geospatial maps. Live over-the-air maps ensures that you are getting the latest details available, rather than outdated maps stored on the device. It even provides a simulation mode so you can see how to get to a location before you go. Step-by-step navigation is include free for 30-days with the purchase, and is available after that for a subscription fee.

The MotionX Main Menu provides access to the various capabilities including search and navigation, access your saved destinations, see your current position, view the compass, and access your preferred Settings. The navigation wheel provides a quick way to start you “Go To” navigation search. You can easily save favorite and frequent “Go To” locations. The compass allows you to see your current heading, speed, altitude, and latitude and longitude coordinates.

Search Capability

The search user interface is very well designed. Its quick start feature allows you to type an address, select from your address book, or find specific types of businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, gas stations, parking lots, hospitals, or air ports. You can select to find businesses “Around Me” to find the closest Starbucks, gas station, or other favorite place. For restaurants, you can search by locations closest to you, and by food cuisine. Once you select a location, you can get a map and driving directions, and the phone number in case you wish to call before going.

Step-by-Step Navigation

Once you have located where you want to go, GPS Drive will provide step-by-step directions to get you there. You can either get driving or walking directions. Walking directions are optimized for pedestrians. You get step-by-step directions with voice guidance. Since the directions are loaded live over-the-air, you get traffic aware routing. You can get maps in 2D or 3D, with either North pointing upward, or your course directions pointing upward. If you want to get a sense of the route before starting off, you can simulate the route viewing the step-by-step instructions.

iPod Integration and other Interesting Features

GPS drive is fully integrated with existing features in the Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This includes the magnetic and GPS compass features to help you find walking directions. It has address book integration to quickly find directions to a destination in your iPhone contacts list. You can also place a phone call directly from the search results. Lastly, it provides iPod integration so you can still check turn-by-turn voice directions while listening to your music, audiobooks, or podcasts.

MotionX GPS Drive supports the iPhone iOS 4 multitasking. This means routing and live voice guidance instructions continue in the background while making a phone call, listening to streaming music, etc.

For more information on the MotionX GPS Drive navigation application for the iPhone, see the MotionX Web Site or the Application App Store.

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