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Yes, I’ve had my lifeform terminated. Or more specifically, absorbed by osmosis. If you are into adrenaline games, this game is definitely not for you. But, if you like something mentally challenging, and even addicting, Osmos HD for the iPad can provide endless hours of entertainment. This game is very “absorbing.” Pun intended. Read on to see my review of Osmos HD for the iPad.


If I had to use a single word to describe Osmos HD it would be mesmerizing. The very first time I played this game my reactions was, “God this is Slow.” After my previous review of Pinball HD, I guess that I was expecting another adrenaline filled game. Boy was I wrong. But, I was determined to figure out what Osmos was all about, so I persisted. Within minutes the rhythmic movement of the organisms, and the hypnotic background music, I was hooked.

Objective of the Game

The objective of Osmos, in a loose sense, is “eat or be eaten.” But not in an animalistic sense. Your organism grows by absorbing smaller organisms. However, you can also be absorbed by larger organisms. In the world of Osmos, organisms are called motes.

Your goal is to propel yourself around in space absorbing smaller motes and trying not to be absorbed by larger motes. In propelling yourself through space, you eject matter and become smaller. Each time you absorb a smaller mote you gain mass and become larger. The challenge is to move around enough to absorb smaller motes, without ejecting too much mass, so you keep growing in size. The larger you get, the more you can absorb even larger motes. In the beginning levels, you win by becoming the largest mote. You lose if absorbed by a larger mote.

Game Levels

Osmos has two ways to play: Odyssey and Arcade mode. Odyssey is the easiest mode to play, and is also intended to teach the game. Each time you win, you move to a more difficult level, that introduces new challenges and concepts.

In the basic levels, you are immersed in a world full of motes, and you must try to become the largest. Latter modes provide variations on this theme. For example, the Impasse mode is a maze full of motes. You must propel yourself through the maze and knock other motes out of the way to become larger. Other modes incorporate other concepts such as antimatter and repulsors. Each adding a different physics concept and level of difficulty.

Arcade mode allows you to select a particular game type introduced in the Odyssey mode. You can move up levels within an individual game type.

To get a sense for playing the game, watch the videos. If you are into twitch games, this probably isn’t for you. But if you want a physics based game that is mentally stimulating give Osmos a try. This game can be very addicting. So be forewarned.

For More Information

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