Update on Pothole Number 3

Pothole #1, Where it all Began!

Pothole #1, Where it all Began!

For you many followers of my Pothole #3 blog post, here is an update. I’ve discover Pothole #1. Yes, where it all began!

Okay, some people may think that I’m getting too obsessed about potholes. But, I’ve managed to track down the elusive Pothole #1. Even more important is that I’ve discovered there must be some purpose or meaning to numbering potholes. Not only is pothole #1 numbered, but it also has a measurement telling how far it is from the curb.

There is a mystery here to be solved. Why does anyone care this much about the number of potholes, and their precise location? Has some extraterrestrial civilization placed these potholes here to study their affect on humans, and therefore has numbered them and logged their precise location. Does this mean these extraterrestrials are now studying me, because I’m studying the potholes. Stay tuned as I try to track down more about the origins of these mysterious pothole numbers.

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