MCN Ride Logger Review

I’m planning a 500 mile motorcycle ride next Friday, so I was looking for interesting gadgets that might make the ride easier and more enjoyable. I came across the MCN Ride Logger application for the iPhone.

Ride Logger Overview and Features

The MCN Ride Logger application for the iPhone is primarily designed for logging motorcycle rides, but it can be used to log any trip, such as car or bicycle. Ride Logger allows you to track your path, distance, time and speeds while riding your motorcycle.

Ride Logger uses GPS technology to track your ride and performance. For street rides, Ride Logger helps you keep track of your favorite rides. You can easily review previous rides, route taken, and how much time various segments took so you can plan rest stops when you do the ride again. You can even share ride information with friends. Although Ride Logger is useful for any ride, it is particularly valuable to track riders. You can review previous rides and evaluate your performance at specific locations on a track. You can easily see if you are getting better, and where you need improvement in your riding.

Using GPS technology, Ride Logger records your location, speed, acceleration and braking continuously throughout a ride. You can review your ride data at any point via a zoomable map. You can also view the data in graph form to compare details along the route. Want to impress your friends, you can share the details of your ride using Facebook or email.

Easy to Use

Ride Logger is easy to use. Make sure your iPhone is somewhere that will receive a strong GPS signal, such as an iPhone mount, on top of your tank bag map pocket, or on top of your tail bag or rucksack. Even your outer thigh pocket will work. Be careful not to put in a place where the GPS signal will be blocked while riding.

Once your are ready to ride, simply hit the “new ride” button to start recording your ride. Once you are finished the ride, hit the “end ride” button. The ride data is saved on your iPhone. You can view statistics for the ride such as top speed, peak acceleration, braking (including the exact location where these figures were achieved) plus average speed, journey time and distance covered. You can view these statistics on a Google map showing speed, acceleration and braking at any point on the map. You can zoom in and see how your speed and acceleration varies on your route.

Ride Logger provides a lot of useful information to help you track your ride, and improve your ride times. Just don’t be stupid. Ride within your skill level and riding conditions. Don’t push to improve your performance statistics at the risk of your personal safety.

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