Alaska Sheepskin Buttpad

Alaska Sheepskin Buttpad

Alaska Sheepskin Buttpad

Okay, what is a buttpad, you ask? It isn’t something you wear on your butt to make it look bigger, although you probably could. No, this is something you put on your motorcycle seat to improve comfort on long rides.

Over the past several months I’ve started planning for some long motorcycle rides. My goal is to explore more of California, expanding to the US and Canada. My BMW R1200RT seems up to the challenge. Now it is just me that needs some extra conditioning for endurance. I started to read up on what others are doing to make long distance riding more comfortable. One of the most common complaints, regardless of the motorcycle, was an uncomfortable seat. I saw a lot of suggestions for new seats, such as those from Corbin or Sargent. I also saw a lot of recommendations for the Alaska Sheepskin Buttpad. It was definitely the least expensive option. So I got one to see if it would help relieve the sore butt I get after a couple of hours of riding.

The Alaska Sheepskin Buttpad is a seat cover design to fit over your existing motorcycle seat. It is a piece of 100% natural sheepskin sheared to a 1″ loft and contoured to fit your motorcycle seat. The pad is held in place by a strap, and  the underside is left natural to create friction keeping the cover from sliding around on the seat. The benefit of sheepskin is to keep your “buttbones” from burning after hours of riding. It is also cool in the summer, warm in cold weather, reduces sweating from long days in the saddle. I’ve done a few rides with mine, and so far I’m quite happy. Or better put, my butt is much happier. It is definitely soft on the butt, but more important, it seems to relieve pressure points when sitting in the seat for a long time. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make your motorcycle seat more comfortable for long rides, you may want to try an Alaska Sheepskin Buttpad. The medium size pad for my bike was less than $60, so it isn’t a big investment. Want to learn more, check out the Alaska Leather web site at:


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