Accent Sports

I usually don’t specifically cover sports on this web site. However, I just want to let everyone know about a new web site my daughter has started. It is called Accent Sports, and can be found at

The goal of is to provide you with the latest in sports trends, training techniques, coaching tips, sports equipment reviews and other information to help you become a better athlete. If your goal is to become a peak-performing athlete,’s goal is to help you do it. is primarily focused on football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. But, it also covers sports such as biking, swimming, track and field, water polo, and other sports popular with their readers. The sports section is intended to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, who’s hot, and why top athletes are successful. They analyze successful teams and players to help you understand why others are successful, so you can learn from them, and improve your own game.

If you are an athlete, or just a sports lover, check out AccentSports at

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