Xbox 360 Kinect

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle

I bought the family an Xbox 360 Kinect for Christmas. Okay, my wife would probably say I bought it for myself. But, I thought it would be fun for the family. I wasn’t disappointed. It was outrageously fun.

Here is a little background. This is my first game player, but I’m a bit of a technology geek. We have a 52 inch HD-TV with a home theater system. I had played with the Wii before, but that was my only experience with gaming systems. So, consider me a novice. Here is my experience with the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Installation and Setup

Installation was relatively simple. I generally have a phobia to reading instructions, but the Quick Start guide was simple and easy to follow. What took the most time was getting behind our television and home theater components to connect the tables. The next big time consumer was figuring out how to rearrange the family room furniture to make room to play. Once the hardware was connected, everything worked as expected.

Powering the system on takes you through a series of screens helping you set up the system and sensor. My family watched and laughed as I did this. The system will ask you to wave your arms and move around to calibrate the movement sensor. The character or avatar on the screen mimics your moves. The first time you experience this it feels quite bizarre, and funny. You need to have enough space in the room to move around without running into furniture.

Here is a video showing what you get in the box.

The following video shows you what it takes to configure the software and calibrate the sensor.

Playing Games

Playing XBox 360 Kinect games is a blast. Of course, the you can play standard Xbox 360 games. However, the games designed specifically for the Kinect motion sensor amazing. It detects full body movement. You control what is going on in the game by moving, jumping, kicking, swinging your arms, punching, and almost any other body movement. It will also respond to voice commands. The XBox 360 Kinect bundle comes with the Kinect Adventures game. So, you are ready to play right out of the box.

Here is a video showing you what it is like to play Kinect Adventures. Be prepared to have anyone watching you laugh hilariously. The Kinect supports multiple players, so drag your wife or kid into the game with you.

In later reviews, I’ll cover some of the other Xbox 360 Kinect games.

For more information on the Xbox 360 Kinect, see the Microsoft web site at:


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