JR GSR260Z Sports RC-Helicopter

JR GSR260Z Sports Radio-Controlled HelicopterOkay, I now have RC-helicopter envy. I just saw the new JR GSR260Z Sports RC-helicopter. What a beast! It makes my little rc-helicopters look like toys, which in reality, I guess they are toys. But, with a main rotor diameter of 5.86 ft (1.79m), this is one big helicopter. This is definitely designed for the advanced rc-heli pilot.

Feature Summary

The JR GSR260Z is a large, gas-powered, rc-helicopter kit. It is 5.32 ft (1.62m) in length and weighing in at 15.8 lb (7.15kg). Some assembly is required. It has a main rotor diameter of 5.86 ft (1.79m) and a tail rotor diameter of 11.3 in (288mm). Both the JR Carbon 810, 31.9 in (810mm), main rotor blades and the JR Carbon 105, 4.1 in (105mm), blades are included.  To keep these large blades tracking properly, the GSR260Z has an all metal ASG90 rotor head.

The GSR260Z comes with a white fiberglass fuselage, and a sheet of graphics you can add to give it some color. A 26cc Zenoah G26PUH gas-powered engine makes this heli economical to fly compared to nitro-burning, or glow engine. Both the engine and silencer are included in the kit. It also comes with an HG clutch set, and a helical main gear to increase durability and smooth operation. Now that you know a little bit about this helicopter, its time to see it in action.

Watch it in Action

The best way to get a sense for this new helicopter is to see it in action. Check out this JR promotional video to see the capabilities of the JR GSR260Z.

Here is another video that will give you a better sense for its size.

Putting the GSR260Z to Work

This rc-heli is easily big enough to carry a video camera, or other gear for that matter. Want to create your own arial photography or video business? Here is a nice video showing the GSR260Z carrying a video camera, and footage from the camera in flight.

Want More Information

If you are interested in getting more information on the JR GSR260Z rc-helicopter, check out the Horizon Hobby web site at: http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=JRP988255#quickOverview



  1. RC helicopters are loads of fun. I remember when they were really hard to learn how to fly. Not anymore though

  2. Very nice toys

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