Motorcycle Road Trip 2011

Motorcycle Road Trip 2011

Motorcycle Road Trip 2011

This is the next update on my motorcycle road trip through the USA and Canada. A little over two weeks before my summer adventure begins. I finally finished planning out the route. I’m sure it will change once I start riding, but I’m through fiddling with it for now. The tentative route is 10,695 miles. I’ll be completing it in 45 days, including stops to visit friends and family.

I’ll be riding north along the coast through California, Oregon and Washington State. Then through the Rocky Mountains to Edmonton. Following east through the Canadian prairies, I’ll eventually veer south through North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan, before heading back into Canada. Passing through Montreal and Quebec City, I’ll eventually reach Prince Edward Island. That’s where I meet my family for a short vacation. Then I’m back riding south along the Maine coast, then inland through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York State, Pennsylvania and Maryland, before heading west. I’m then mostly following the old Route 40 that was replace by Highway 70. It takes me through Ohio and Indiana, before I go on a side trip through Kentucky and Missouri. Then, back up to Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, northward to the Bad Lands of South Dakota. Then across Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and back into California. I think that covers the main route.

The route is a compilation of many short scenic tours from a variety of motorcycle touring books, and US scenic drive books. I used Microsoft Streets and Trips to lay out the route. I had to set a lot of way points to force the route to follow the specific path with the scenic rides. Overall, I think that I’ve successfully avoided most interstate highways. This should make it very scenic, but slow riding.

I’m just about ready to go. My rain suit should arrive today. The accessory dashboard for my BMW R1200RT, to mount the GoPro video camera, should arrive on Thursday.

I’ll post more specific information on the books I used, and my impressions of the Microsoft Streets and Trips software, in additional posts.

Once I get rolling, I’ll also post highlights of the trip.

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  1. […] Great motorcycle ride yesterday. Got together with a group of riders through the Bay Area Motorcycle Riders Meetup. Good turn out, with 11 riders showing up to share a very scenic route. Even more that a fun ride, we probably spent almost as much time just standing around and chatting at the end of the ride. Special thanks to Brett Barker for setting up the ride. Also special thanks to Jeff Olsen and Isaac Niederman for all the wonderful suggestions for my coming motorcycle trip. […]

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