Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle Long Distance Riding Tips and TechniquesIf you are planning a long distance motorcycle ride, here are some good books that I used in preparing for my trip across the United States and Canada.

The first book I read was The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel: Tips, Technology, Advanced Techniques by Dale Coyner. It is a good introduction to motorcycle travel. It covers all of the basics. It talks about trip planning, getting yourself ready, getting your motorcycle ready, and tips for the road. Trip planning will help you not only learn the basics of route planning, but will also help you answer questions like how far and how long you should expect to ride each day. In preparing yourself, Dale talks about both the physical and psychological challenges you will meet. He highlights the variety of riding gear that will come in handy in normal circumstances, along with hot and cold weather gear. Next he discusses outfitting your motorcycle in preparation for the trip. He covers a wide variety of topics including lighting and instrumentation, entertainment and communication, cameras, riding comfort accessories, storage solutions. and bike features such as tires, suspension and protection. The last section provides lots of useful tips while on the road. This includes everything from handling bad weather, breakdowns, accidents and illness to food selection. I found the book a good place to start my planning since it provided a nice introduction and well rounded coverage of most topics relating to long distance motorcycle riding.

Another good introductory book is Crossing America: You Can Ride Across the U.S. on Your Motorcycle by Dick Peck. I bought a used book, since Amazon wanted a fortune for a new one. It isn’t back full of tips and techniques like Dale’s book, but Dick presents the information in the context of his ride across the United States. It provides a lot of discussion on what happened on his trip, what he did to be prepared, and what you probably want to do to be prepared. In the back of the book, he provides some nice checklists for items you should take such as clothing and tools. It is an interesting read since most of the information is presented in the context of an actual motorcycle trip across the United States.

The last book I used was Going the Extra Mile: Insider Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycling and Endurance Rallies by Ron Ayres. This book focuses a lot on preparing you for Iron Butt type motorcycle endurance rides. Ron talks about how to prepare for, and what you need to do, to ride 1,000 miles per day, and do it day after day. Although I don’t plan to cover miles as aggressively as Ron, it was interesting to see the techniques serious long distance endurance riders use for such events.

I hope this helps you in preparing for your motorcycle adventure. In other posts I’ll cover more details on router planning and what I did to prepare myself and my motorcycle for my cross country trip.

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