Folding Mirror for KTM 450EXC

KTM or Acerbis Folding mirror for KTM 450EXCMy 2011 KTM 450EXC came with a pair of very nice mirrors. So nice, I didn’t want them to break off when off road riding. I took them off and replaced them with Acerbis folding mirrors. As can be seen from the picture on the right, the mirror mounts to the handlebars with a ball joint mounted within a bracket. This allows the mirror to rotate 360 degrees front to back. It can also rotate sideways within the limits of the handlebars.

I only use one mirror mounted on the left hand side. This meets the Department of Motor Vehicles requirement so the motorcycle will be street legal. I generally don’t ride the motorcycle on the street, but I have it plated for riding on public roads between trails, or for riding into towns for gas or lunch during a trail ride. On the positive side, this mirror can be easily rotated out of the way when riding off road, so it doesn’t break during a crash. On the negative side, it is quite useless as a mirror. It vibrates quite badly, so it is difficult to see vehicles around you.

Acerbis folding mirror for KTM 450EXCThis second picture shows the mirror rotated out of the way. Although it may be a little difficult to see, I have the mirror mounted so that I can rotate it backwards, and then rotate it sideways, so it tucks in behind the front number plate.

Here is a link to the Acerbis Folding Mirror at the Motorcycle Superstore.



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