Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 2 and 3

Elk, Prairie Creek Scenic Parkway, Redwoods State Park, California

Elk on the side of the road in Redwoods State Park

Day 2 of my motorcycle road trip. If you read my Day 1 Blog, you already know I went off plan yesterday. I got up early this morning to make up for the lost distance. I also decided to make some route changes based on yesterday’s ride taking so…. long. A friend suggested an alternate route through central Oregon, rather than the Oregon Coast. He said there would be less traffic, so it would be faster, and less fog, so it would be warmer.

By starting early today, I got to Crescent City about the time I would have started riding this morning. Rather than heading up the Oregon Coast, I headed inland on Highway 199. My goal was to ride up Highway 199 to Grants Pass then Highway 234 to Crater Lake National Park, then Highway 97 to Deschutes National Park and then Bend, Oregon for the evening.

The ride up Highway 101 through Northern California was beautiful. I ended up stopping to walk some nature trails in the Redwoods State Park. When I stopped at the park information office, they suggestion I take a side trip on the Prairie Creek Scenic Parkway looking for Elk and Giant Redwoods. As promised, I came across a herd of Elk. Amazing creatures. And, very large. I wouldn’t want to meet one of them on the road at night. I also rode through some of the largest redwood trees in the world. It was worth the side trip, even though I lost considerable time.


Like yesterday, I’m off route again. Highway 199 turned out to be a very beautiful ride. The first part of Highway 199 is through another Giant Redwood forest. It then starts to wind its way along side the Rogue River. Very scenic. The only problem, I was once again running very late on time. I didn’t reach Grants Pass until 3:30 pm. There was no way I was going to make Bend Oregon this evening. So, Plan B quickly became Plan C. I headed up Highway 5 and spent the night in Eugene, Oregon.

It’s Friday morning, and I’m already starting the day hopelessly off route. Instead of starting from Bend, I’m starting from Eugene. Rather than trying to map out some scenic route from Eugene, I decided to head straight for Seattle, Washington and get there early afternoon to beat the evening rush hour traffic. So, from Eugene I rode straight north along Highway 5 through Portland, then on to Seattle. It wasn’t incredibly scenic, but after two long days of riding, the easy ride up Highway 5 was a nice change in pace. I normally don’t listen to music while riding, but after a few hours of Superslab 5, I decided to crank up my iPhone iPod app and listen to some tunes. It definitely helped pass the time. I reached my weekend destination, a friend’s home in Seattle, late Friday afternoon. I’m ready for a nice weekend visit with friends.


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  1. Dave King says:

    Yes, I’ve done that route couple of times in both directions. Nor cal to Bend.

    Last trip was to MotoGP at LaGunaSeca from Van B.C. Broke my leg in Cal had to come back in a U-Haul.

    Wis I could go again SV650S, I will be 70 next birthday.


  1. […] Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 2 and 3 […]

  2. […] Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 2 and 3 […]

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