Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 12 to 15

Stuffed Buffalo, Visitor's Center, Fort Whyte, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stuffed Buffalo at the Fort Whyte Visitor's Center

Day 12 of my motorcycle road trip, and much of the day was spent still riding through the prairies. Apart from seeing the “Welcome to Manitoba” sign, and the Manitoba Flag at a visitor’s center, the scenery didn’t look much different from Saskatchewan.

I arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in time for a late lunch. I called my mother to let her know I’m in town. It was another beautiful day, but still extremely hot. It seems like a major heat wave, along with wicked thunderstorms, are planned for much of Manitoba and Ontario for the next several days. At least the next few days were a relatively quiet time with family.

Day 14, and I got tired of being cooped up in a house. I dragged my brother Tom out for some sight-seeing. We drove to The Forks in downtown Winnipeg. It’s called The Forks because it is located at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. The Forks is a public market with lots of little shops. We didn’t spend much time in the shops, but just headed down to the river front. Despite being months after the typical flood season, the river was still significantly over its banks. Nice for the ducks and geese swimming around, but causing a lot of concern for the residents. From The Forks, we went to Assiniboine Park in search of buffalo. Once there, we decided it was way too hot to walk around the zoo. After a few minutes of walking through the gardens, we headed home.


Day 15 and we were once again in search of buffalo. This time we headed for Fort Whyte, on the outskirts of Winnipeg. Fort Whyte is an environmental park with 640 acres of prairie, lakes, forest and wetlands featuring many of the animals and habitats of Manitoba. We walked around the interpretive center where they had lots of stuff animals, including a buffalo. However, we were out to see the real buffalo. We headed out on the nature trail to the 70-acre Bison Prairie and viewing mound. Finally we found the real thing, although somewhat far away. Back at the visitor’s center, I considered have a buffalo burger, but for some reason that didn’t seem right. So, back home to get my motorcycle prepared for continuing my journey.

The bad weather finally broke on Thursday. There is still lots of severely hot weather and thunderstorms to the east, but I’m back on the road.


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