Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 18

Highway 2 west of St. Ignace, Michigan

Highway 2 west of St. Ignace, Michigan

Day 18 of my motorcycle road trip, and I’m back on Highway 28 heading east from Marquette, Michigan. I knew it would be another hot day, with temperatures nearing the 100 degrees F. Lots of thunderstorm activity in the area, as well.

The first stretch of Highway 28 followed the south shore of Lake Superior. I stopped in Munising for a quick photo and get some gas. Highway 28 then heads inland, back into trees of the Lake Superior State Forest. I then took Highway 117 south to get back onto Highway 2. At this point, Highway 2 now travels along the north shore of Lake Michigan. There were some nice beaches, so I stopped for a short break and take more photos.

Riding along Highway 2, I could see the Mackinac Bridge at St. Ignace for many miles before finally reaching there. I stopped for a quick lunch and to reconsider my route plan. I had originally planned to take Highway 31 along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan to Traverse City. It is supposed to be a beautiful ride through cottage country. I was then going to ride Highway 37 south to Grand Rapids for the night. Depending on how late it was, I was even considering trying to make it to Ann Arbor for the night. This would set me up to ride south of Lake Erie the next day. However, all of the thunderstorm activity in Michigan had me rethinking that plan. Even worse, there were major thunderstorms covering most of northern Ohio and the south shore of Lake Erie. I decided to simply ride south on Interstate 75. Not very scenic, but it would be easier to cover miles in the storm. I also decided to abandon going south of Lake Erie, and travel across southern Ontario to Niagara Falls the next day.


The ride along Highway 75 wasn’t as bad as expected. I managed to stay on the western edge of the Thunderstorms for most of the ride. I could see the thunderstorms to the east. I could even hear them. I rode in and out of rain for some of the afternoon, but that was actually quite refreshing. When it wasn’t raining, the outside temperature gauge on my BMW R1200RT said it was 97 degrees. However, when it would start to rain, the temperature immediately dropped about 30 degrees. That was a nice relief from the heat. Even better, the rain would rewet my cooling vest so when the rain stopped, and the temperature rose again, I stayed cool. At about 5:00 pm, I stopped in Frankenmuth, Michigan for the evening. This put me at a reasonable point to start east on Highway 69 in the morning.

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