Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 22

LaPocatiere, Quebec, Canada

Rest Stop - TransCanada Hwy - LaPocatiere, Quebec

Day 22 of my motorcycle road trip. Riding a motorcycle through Montreal was a little stressful, as drivers seem to have an “everyone for themselves” attitude about driving. After a short battle with the morning rush-hour traffic, I crossed the Champlain Bridge and got onto Highway 132 north. This highway provided a nice view of downtown Montreal across the St. Lawrence River. Several miles later, I was on the Trans-Canada Highway heading east.

The weather was still a little sketchy. I had planned to stop in Quebec City for lunch, but it was raining. So, I just kept on riding. I had also consider extending my motorcycle ride by following the St. Lawrence River along the Gaspe Peninsula. It would have added an extra day to my road trip, but friends in Montreal told me the the Gaspe Peninsula was worth it. Unfortunately, the thunderstorms from a few days ago were now over Gaspe. So, I decided to stick with my original route.

The Trans-Canada Highway through eastern Quebec left a lot to be desired. It was very bumpy. I assume due to frost damage. A friend from Montreal joked that Quebec had spent all of its money on referendums to separate from Canada. They no longer had money to fix the roads. I don’t know if that’s the case, but they sure could use a few highway improvement projects.



As I progressed east of Montreal and Quebec City, the traffic thinned out and the rain stopped, making riding more enjoyable. Once further east, the Trans-Canada Highway again followed along the St. Lawrence River. About here, the river began widening to the point where you could hardly see the other side. I stopped for a break at a rest stop near LaPocatiere. It had a nice view of the St. Lawrence River, so I spent some time walking around the park.

I had been carrying my motorcycle gloves inside my helmet during the walk. When I got back to my motorcycle, there was only one glove in my motorcycle helmet. I had lost a glove somewhere. I started retracing my walk, but didn’t see my glove anywhere. “Oh, crap!” As I walked back to my motorcycle again, I was contemplating how much time to spend looking for my glove before moving on. Just then, I had a pleasant surprise. My glove was sitting on my motorcycle seat. Someone must have picked it up and put it on my motorcycle. No one was around, so I just said a quick thanks into the wind, and started riding again.

Just north of LaPocatiere, at Riviere du Loup, I turned east on Highway 185, continuing along the Trans-Canada Highway. This then became Highway 2 as I entered New Brunswick. The further east I went, the less traffic I encountered on the highway. After riding through the major population areas of Michigan, Ontario, New York and Quebec, it was nice to be riding more rural highways again. I stopped in Grand Falls for the night. The gorge at Grand Falls was very beautiful. Grand Falls was a small town, so after a short walk to see the falls and gorge, I had dinner and headed back to the hotel for the night.


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  2. […] Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 22 […]

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