Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 23

Cottage in Seawood Estates, Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island

Cottage in Seawood Estates, Stanley Bridge, PEI

Day 23 of my motorcycle road trip, and it was a relatively easy day. Only about 325 miles. After 23 days of just me and my motorcycle, I’m finally meeting up with my family. I will be spending 2 weeks at our cottage on Prince Edward Island. No overnight stays in hotels, just day rides around PEI.

The first part of today’s ride was through New Brunswick, on highway that appeared to have been blasted through major rock formations. It seems strange that blasting through the rock was easier than just building the highway on top of the rock. But, it did make for some interesting scenery with the stone cliffs on either side of the road. Further east, you get into forested areas with lots of warnings to watch for deer and even moose on the road. Fortunately, I didn’t have any close encounters with either of these animals.

I stopped for lunch just west of Moncton, and called my daughter to let her know I’d be reaching the cottage mid-afternoon. She has been at the cottage for the past week, after taking a summer class at Boston University. My wife and older daughter don’t arrive at the cottage until tomorrow.



Getting from New Brunswick onto Prince Edward Island (PEI) involves crossing an 8 mile (12.9 km) bridge across the Northumberland Strait. I’ve been over the bridge before in a car, and you don’t see much over the concrete walls siding the bridge. Riding on a motorcycle, I was actually high enough to see over the walls. Part of the bridge is elevated quick a lot to enable large ships to go under the bridge. From the top, you get a nice view of the island coast and northern shore of New Brunswick.

Once over the bridge, you come into Gateway Village. It is basically a large tourist area looking to sell you lots of island trinkets, including Anne of Green Gables memorabilia. If you are not familiar with Anne of Green Gables, you probably don’t have any daughters. This is a very popular book for young girls, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and published in 1908. The story takes place in 1878, but surprisingly, I don’t think the island has changed much since then. Except maybe for the horses being replaced by cars and trucks. That’s probably what gives the island its unique character.

Prince Edward Island is shaped like a crescent moon. The whole island is only 140 miles long east to west, and ranges from 4 to 40 miles north to south. The population is about 140,000 people, although the island is packed with tourists during the summer months. PEI is very scenic, consisting mostly of fishing villages along the coast, with rolling hills and farmland in the interior of the island. The island is probably best known for its “red dirt,” a result of the high iron content in the soil. However, the best attraction for my family is probably the fresh lobster, straight from the boat each day.

From the bridge, I headed to the town of Summerside. I stopped in at my sister-in-law’s office to let her know I’d arrived. Summerside is the second largest town on the island. With a population of about 15,000, it is still quite small. Summerside is located at one of the narrowest points of the island. Here you can see both the north shore and south shore, with Bedeque Bay on the south and Malpeque Bay on the north side of the city. Malpeque Bay is well known for its oysters, that are even available at our local grocery store in Saratoga, CA.

From Summerside to our cottage in Stanley Bridge is a short ride along Highway 2 to Highway 6. Our cottage is located on New London Bay, about 2 miles from Cavendish Beach, a very popular place with the tourists. You will see and hear a lot more about PEI over the next 2 weeks as I vacation here with my family.


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