Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 28 to 30

Lighthouse - North Rustico, PEI

Lighthouse - North Rustico, PEI

Days 28 through 30 of my motorcycle road trip were more lounging and sight-seeing than motorcycle riding. I suspect this will be the case for the next several days as we do more family activities.

Wednesday night we went into Charlottetown to spend some time with my mother-in-law. Charlottetown is the Capital City of Prince Edward Island. With a population of 32,000 people, it’s still a relative small city. We walked around harbor front, and had a nice dinner at MacKinnon’s Lobster on the Wharf. After dinner we walked around downtown for a while, then drove back out to our cottage.

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day, so we spent some time cruising around New London Bay in our 14 foot Zodiac boat. Riding in our Zodiac is always a lot of fun, especially when there are big waves in the bay. Over the past few days there have been several sightings of a mother pilot whale and her two small calves. It is believed that they had followed a school of Mackerel into the bay and up the Stanley River. My wife and daughters were especially interested in searching for the whales. Unfortunately, the whales were nowhere to be found. That may be a good thing, since the mother would have been significantly larger than our dinghy.



In the afternoon, my wife and oldest daughter were incredibly ambitious and decided to walk from Cavendish Beach to North Rustico, about 6 miles. I was designated to pick them up and bring them home. North Rustico is a small fishing village on the north shore just east of Cavendish. Unlike Cavendish, which is mostly a tourist area, North Rustico is a typical working fishing village inhabited by the locals. I arrived at North Rustico before my wife and daughter, so I spent some time walking around the beach and village. North Rustico Beach is a very nice beach, generally completely empty since it’s mostly frequently by the locals. It’s a little off the beaten path for tourists.

One thing I always find strange about the island beaches is the air temperature versus water temperature. Today was no exception. The air temperature was 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 degrees F). However, the water temperature was 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 degrees F). Yes, these are cool temperatures for mid-summer, but typical of PEI. The strange thing is that the ocean temperature is actually warmer than the air temperature. This is quite common for PEI. The warm gulf stream heading north from Florida passes very close to the island shores, significantly heating up the water, and causing the ocean temperature to be warmer than the air temperature. As you may have noticed, being in Canada I need to think in metric, for both distance (kilometers), speed (kph), weight (grams), and temperature (celsius).

After walking the North Rustico beach, I headed up to the lighthouse and into the harbor area. I like the North Rustico harbor. We have often gone deep sea fishing out of this harbor. Great for an afternoon of mackerel and cod fishing. Since it was late afternoon, most of the fishing boats are back in for the day. They were lined up along the dock. Lobster fishing is a common way to earn a living for North Rustico fishermen, and the island fishermen in general. You can see the endless stacks of lobster traps along the wharf. A favorite dinner for many islanders, including my wife and her family, is to pick up fresh lobster straight off the boat for dinner.

Another popular activity of ours is ocean kayaking along the coast with North Rustico’s Outside Expeditions. You paddle out of the harbor and up the coast. After paddling along the coast for a while, we pull into shore for a nice snack provided by the guide. Then we paddle back to North Rustico. Lots of fun.

Just as I get to the far end of the harbor, my wife and daughter arrived in North Rustico. So, we headed back to our cottage in Stanley Bridge. As is often the case on PEI, the evening, including dinner, was spent with various members of Jo-Anne’s family.

On Friday, we were once again touring New London Bay. This time in my sister-in-law’s boat. To our surprise, we saw a small pilot whale swimming off our bow. It looked like he got separated from his mother and sibling. Hopefully, they managed to find each other again.


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