Traveling Vietnam Wall – Patriot Guard Ride

Traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial - Patriot Guard Ride

Traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial - Patriot Guard Ride

It was amazing to be part of the Traveling Vietnam Wall ride, yesterday. The ride was organized by the Patriot Guard Riders. About 200 motorcycles, riding in parade formation, escorted the Traveling Vietnam Wall from Gilroy to Cupertino, California. Lots of flags waving in the wind as we rode along Highway 101 and then Highway 85 to our destination, the Cupertino Memorial Park.

The police motorcycle escort was very nice. They led the escort, ensuring a safe and problem free ride. I was near the front of the pack, and the other motorcycles stretched behind me on the highway as far back as I could see. Also, thanks to the other police vehicles that helped with the ride. Police cars temporarily closed down Highway 101 to allow us to enter the highway as a long group. They kept cars from getting in the way of the parade formation. They also closed highway exits as we neared Cupertino, allowing us to exit in formation for the park.

The Traveling Vietnam Wall is 80% the size of the original wall at the National Monument in Washington, D.C., and is part of the “American Veterans Traveling Tribute”  being exhibited across the country. The Traveling Vietnam Wall will be on display at the Cupertino Memorial Park from November 9th through 13th. Hopefully, you will get a chance to see it.

I felt very proud being part of the ride. Thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders for organizing this event. I believe that the Traveling Vietnam Wall memorial is heading from here to Texas. If you have the opportunity to join the escort, don’t pass it up. It was a wonderful experience.

I noticed people with cameras standing on overpasses as we rode along. Hopefully some good video and other photographs will show up on the web. I wasn’t able to take pictures while riding in formation, but I did get some photos at the beginning and end of the ride. Enjoy.

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