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Google Self Driving Car

Google Self Driving Car

The other day I was driving along Highway 280 in the San Jose, CA area and I passed a Toyota Prius with a strange looking contraption on the roof. According to the signs on the car, it was a Google self driving car.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of a car driving itself is a little scary. I’ve had technology go horribly wrong on me at times. I don’t want to be in a car going 65 mph when the software encounters something unexpected and crashes. I’ve read articles saying this technology will allow blind people to drive. I have nothing against blind people, but 100% reliance on technology seems like a recipe for disaster. What’s next, blind airplane pilots? I think there should always be an option for human intervention when the technology goes wrong.

I am in favor of technology providing assistance to prevent a driver from doing something stupid. For example, alerting the driving when someone is in their blind spot, or that they are drifting into another lane. Especially alerting the driver when they aren’t paying attention to the car in front of them has hit the brakes, and initiating braking.

As a motorcycle rider, I would love to have cars detect motorcycles and keep the car driver from pulling out in front of a motorcycle, or turning left into a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction. This is a very common motorcycle fatality, where the car driver claims to not see the oncoming motorcycle. Technology is inevitable, but we shouldn’t remove a competent driver from the equation.


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