Mojave Desert and Death Valley Ride – Day 7

Trona Pinnacles

Trona Pinnacles

Today was our last day in Death Valley. We packed up and met at the Forty Niner Cafe for breakfast. Then we were on the road. It was a long ride back to the Raw Hyde Adventures compound. Two hundred and ninety miles of mostly highway. On the positive side, we stopped at Trona Pinnacles on the way.

Getting to the Trona Pinnacles was a bit of a challenge. The road into the Pinnacles has a stretch of deep sand. As with previous excursions in the sand, momentum was my friend. I just had to remember — look at the horizon and give it gas. We had only one motorcycle go down. Unfortunately, it was a motorcycle without engine protection bars. A valve cover was dislodged causing a small oil leak. Fortunately, Lance our team leader was able to perform quick surgery and get the bike fixed and running again.


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The Trona Pinnacles is a very unusual series of rock formations. They consist of over 500 pinnacles stretched out in three ridges. Each ridge has a variety of geological structures or pinnacles in the general shape of spires, cones and tombstones. Many sit on top of rounded or flat summits. Some spires reach as high as 140 feet. These pinnacles were formed underwater 10,000 to 100,000 years ago when the area was Searles Lake. Searles Lake was part of an interconnected series of lakes stretching north to Mono Lake.

If the Trona Pinnacles look familiar it may be because they have appeared in many commercials, television shows, and movies. I think Luke Skywalker searched with binoculars as R2D2 strolled across the desert area near where our motorcycles were parked.

As with all great adventures, they must end. The past seven days was incredibly fun. I’m now hooked on adventure tours. I’m looking forward to my next big adventure. Maybe Moab or Grand Canyon. And someday, maybe even Alaska. Thanks to the Jim Hyde and the rest of the Raw-Hyde Adventures crew for providing an amazing experience.


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