Topaz Motorcycle Ride – Day 1

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

A friend Jeff and I rode in the Topaz 600 motorcycle ride this past weekend. The Topaz 600 Dual Sport Motorcycle and Adventure Touring Ride is put on by

Jeff and I rode up to Topaz, Nevada on Thursday morning to take in the 3 days of riding. While my BMW R1200GS is highway capable, Jeff’s Suzuki DRZ400 has a few challenges at highway speeds. So, we rode all of the way from the San Jose, CA area to Topaz, Nevada avoiding highways. I would never have thought that to be possible. But, Jeff mapped out a route. We even managed to find some gravel roads through central California, just east of Oakdale. It took 9 hours to go about 270 miles, but we made it.


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Most of the motorcycle ride was on small, back roads through central California. After a short hop onto Highway 680, we headed into Livermore and followed Corral Hallow Road through the East Bay hills, bypassing the busy Altamont Pass on Highway 580. This took us into Tracy. Then, more back roads to Rippon and Oakdale. From Oakdale we made our way along Sterns Road and Warnerville Road to Willms Road. Here we got our first taste of gravel.

We eventually got onto Rock River Road, Red Hills Road and Sims Road ending up in Jamestown. We eventually made our way on Highway 108 through the Sonora Pass in the Sierra Mountains. Once into Nevada, we rode Highway 395 up to Topaz Lake. Even the highways on this route were small two lane roads through very scenic country.

What an incredibly diverse set of scenery. From the rolling hills and canyon of Corral Hollow Creek, through the orchards and golden rolling hills of central California, to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This was my first time crossing Sonora pass at 9,624 feet. Beautiful day! Beautiful ride! Tomorrow should be even better, as we get onto the off road adventure trails.

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