MCN Ride Logger Review

I'm planning a 500 mile motorcycle ride next Friday, so I was looking for interesting gadgets that might make the ride easier and more enjoyable. I came across the MCN Ride Logger application for the iPhone. Ride Logger Overview and Features The MCN Ride Logger application for the iPhone is … [Read more...]

MotionX GPS Drive Navigation for iPhone Review

Up until a few weeks ago, my idea of driving directions was printing off a Google map before going somewhere new. I've considered getting a navigation device before, but it never seemed worth it. I don't need directions that often, an opinion not necessarily shared by my wife and kids. The majority … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4 Review

My relationship with smart phones and cell phones has been somewhat erratic. I was a relatively early adopter of a Blackberry. I must admit, it had some nice features. However, several years ago I decided the monthly data cost was too high to justify the Blackberry and reverted by to a basic cell … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Review

Yes I hear you, why am I reviewing a game player that has traditionally be designed for 7 to 10 year old kids. It's not that I expect you to want one, although you may want to buy one for your kid. What excited me about the Nintendo 3DS is the new 3D display technology that doesn't require special … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Review

The Apple iPad is breaking new ground, and has defined a new product category, the tablet computer. However, this has been confusing for some people, primarily because it doesn't have the full functionality of a computer. If you expect the iPad to do everything your computer can do, you will be … [Read more...]