Death Valley Ride – Furnace Creek Ranch

We spent our two nights at Death Valley staying at the Furnace Creek Ranch. It was a very nice resort. A big step up from camping in Mojave Desert the previous two nights. Furnace Creek Ranch has a large General Store, a bicycle shop, several restaurants, and a saloon. The Corkscrew Saloon was … [Read more...]

Mojave Desert and Death Valley Ride – Day 5

This morning we packed up our tents and other gear and left Base Camp Alpha. We headed for Death Valley and Furnace Creek Ranch. First stop was at the ghost town of Ballarat, CA. Ballarat was founded in 1896 as a supply town to mines in the Panamint Mountains. It once had 400 to 500 residents … [Read more...]

Mojave Desert and Death Valley Ride – Day 4

I thought yesterday was my most fun riding day, ever. Well, today was even better. And, we are not even to Death Valley, yet. Our riding group split up today. Most of the riders headed back to Raw-Hyde Adventures. Only seven of us are continuing on to Death Valley. Today was some local riding … [Read more...]

Mojave Desert and Death Valley Ride – Day 3

After two days of off road training, I was excited to be heading into the Mojave Desert. We were told it would be cold camping at Base Camp Alpha, and we needed to pack two sleeping bags. Since we could only carry one duffle bag, this meant leaving behind clothes and other gear I'd planned to take … [Read more...]