Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 32 to 37

Day 32 on my motorcycle road trip, and I'm not spending much time on my motorcycle. In fact, I'm spending more time in a boat. Oh well, it was just as much fun. Today we once again took our Zodiac dinghy out for ride in the bay. This time we headed toward the ocean and ran up onto shore at the sand … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 31

Day 31 was one of the most amazing days on my motorcycle road trip. I had the opportunity to watch two bald eagles being released by the Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island. The bald eagles were found about two weeks ago, in two different parts of the island. They were both … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 28 to 30

Days 28 through 30 of my motorcycle road trip were more lounging and sight-seeing than motorcycle riding. I suspect this will be the case for the next several days as we do more family activities. Wednesday night we went into Charlottetown to spend some time with my mother-in-law. Charlottetown … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Days 24 to 27

Day 24 of my motorcycle road trip. I'm firmly planted at our cottage in Stanley Bridge, PEI. As usual, the first thing my family wanted to do was go to Cavendish Beach. Cavendish a beautiful beach, very popular with the tourists. Although the locals often prefer one of the many more secluded … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Road Trip 2011 – Day 23

Day 23 of my motorcycle road trip, and it was a relatively easy day. Only about 325 miles. After 23 days of just me and my motorcycle, I'm finally meeting up with my family. I will be spending 2 weeks at our cottage on Prince Edward Island. No overnight stays in hotels, just day rides around … [Read more...]